Starbucks Partner Hours App

If you are not someone from outer space, then you must have heard of Starbucks. Being one of the biggest multinational coffee companies and coffeehouse chains, the company launched the Starbucks Partner Hours App.

The Starbucks Partner Hours App is an application for the customers, shareholders, and employees of the organization. The application lets the partners communicate with each other and get information about work schedules, payrolls, and rewards.

Are you not familiar with the app? No need to get worried over it, as this article aims to help you understand the app properly with the features, benefits, installation, and account creation process. Keep reading.

Starbucks Partner Hours App: An Overview

Starbucks Partner Hours App is basically an application available for both Android and iOS. It facilitates everyone related to Starbucks. The features depend on the identity of the user. You can create your account as a partner or customer.

For Starbucks Partners

Starbucks considers its employees as partners. They can create a partner account. And it will assist them in their work. They can keep track of payment information, shift times, company locations, and more. Additionally, there are some extra benefits from Starbucks Partner Hours.

For Starbucks Customer

Customers can get less complicated service from the app. They can get the latest information about Starbucks, its new outlets, events, discounts, gifts, rewards, and more. Though the customer and partner versions differ from each other, both versions have rewards and gifts for their users.

Pros and Cons of Starbucks Partner Hours App

The Starbucks Partner Hours has become very popular among the partners of Starbucks. It offers the users different offers. Let’s have a look at them:

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  • Access to Spotify Premium for free to ensure they can entertain themselves while working.
  • Flexibility in work schedule.
  • Opportunities to swap shifts and request days off.
  • Opportunities for paid day off.
  • Easy to use on mobile phones.
  • It helps to build a good relationship between partners and managers.
  • Free coffee while being on duty.
  • Access to training materials and resources.
  • Promotional emails regarding various gifts and rewards.


Though the application is very helpful for partners, there are some shortcomings of it. Here are some of the major drawbacks of the app:

  • You need a strong internet connection to stay updated.
  • The app often fails to operate or faces technical problems.
  • Though it lets you communicate with other partners, it is not fast and that much effective.

How to Install Starbucks Partner Hours App

You can see that Starbucks Partner Hours App has a lot to offer to its users, especially to partners. If you are also a partner, then surely you are feeling interested in installing the app right now.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the app on your phone.

  1. Download the app from here.
  2. Now you have to register on the platform providing some basic information, such as your name, email address, password, etc. Make sure you do not forget the email address or password.
  3. Once you have provided all the information, click “register,” and you are all ready to use the app.

After creating your account, you can use the beverage coupons to get free coffee as well as Spotify premium service for free. 

Starbucks Partner Hours App Not Working?

Some users often complain that their Starbucks Partner Hours App is not working. If you face this problem, there is nothing to worry about. You can deal with the issue by following the below instructions:

  1. First, ensure there is no problem with your internet. Check if other applications are working with the internet connection. Remember, you need to have a strong internet connection for the application to run.
  2. Check for the latest updates of the Starbucks Partner Hours application. When newer updates arrive, older versions of the app may not work properly and face technical problems.
  3. If the above two steps do not solve the problem, then it can be caused by a corrupt file or setting. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  4. Contact the Starbucks Customer Service team in case none of the above solutions work.
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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Using Starbucks Partner Hours

Listening to music while working makes our tasks more interesting and less monotonous. Therefore, Starbucks offset the users of the Partners Hours free access to Spotify Premium. Here is how you have to activate the feature:

  1. Go to Spotify and navigate to Starbucks Partner Hours App.
  2. Now click on “Get Premium” and log in to your Spotify account.
  3. Next, you need to connect your account with Spotify’s Partner Provisioning Portal, where you can link Spotify and Starbucks.
  4. Enter your Starbucks Global User Name and verify your Starbucks Partnership.
  5. It may take about two hours for the activation of your premium account.


Starbucks Partner Hours is a very useful application for both partners and customers of the company. It offers some very helpful features for partners, especially to make their work experience more enjoyable. You can easily download and enjoy the benefits of the app by following the above-mentioned instructions.

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